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DIRECT NUMBER 855-235-3068

A Dayan may not charge for his services. However, a Dayan may collect Sechar Batalah, a minimal charge to compensate for the time he spends hearing the case. The following minimal fees are assessed by the Bais Din. All fees are shared equally among the litigants. The Bais Din may require the plaintiff to pay the entire fee if the case is judged to have been brought frivolously.

1. Call the regional office to arrange an appointment: No Charge

Receive guidance and information about the process. Set up a time and place for your arbitration hearing (Moshav Beis Din).

2. Initiating a Din Torah Process: $45

A case is initiated when the plaintiff (Toveah) brings a grievance before the Bais Din and requests that the defendant (Nitvah) be summoned to for a Din Torah. This is knows as the first Hazmanah. [The Safra d’Dayna (Rabbinical Secretary) is available for guidance and explanation of the process.] If the defendant responds, a court date and time is confirmed in accordance with the schedules of the Dayanim and all parties.

3. Second & Third Hazmanah Document (Summons): $45 Per Time

If the defendant fails to respond, another  summons to appear before Bais Din is sent. A Jew is obligated to respond to the Bais Din’s summons and appear before the court. If the defendant does not respond, the Bais Din will send a third and final summons. Should all summonses be ignored, the Bais Din will issue a Siruv.

4. Cost of Din Torah: $95 per side, per hour (in person or via Skype). Single Arbitrator: $60 per hour, per side.

5. For a Din Torah on-Location: To fly in one Dayan to any city in the continental US, the cost is $650 per side (includes travel expenses and three hours of arbitration), and $300 per side for each additional Dayan.

6. Small Claims (single arbitrator): $40 per side, per half hour.



BDDS was founded at the encouragement of community leaders who saw the need to streamline the Bais Din process and allow for quick resolution of issues before they grow into greater problems. We are a professional, affordable and efficient Beis Din service available nationwide, with years of combined experience. 

Our mission is to be flexible, fast and financially sound - working with your schedule, no bureaucratic runarounds, and simply affordable. Cases can be arbitrated at our regional locations across the US, online arbitration via Skype, or on-site visits. 


Bringing Peace to Our Communities.

The most effective tool for success is the power of one. The Jewish nation has always stood together. It is our goal to navigate the challenges to this unity, with the tools available to us as part of a modern society. Never has it been easier, and more effective, than in today's society, to coordinate activities and create clear channels of communication between people.

We come to your community.

We work it out.

We leave it a better place.

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